Sub-d What's what -- Edge vs Crease Lineweight

I’m mucking around with creating sub-d surfaces and it looks like there are different line thicknesses depending on an edge or crease, not really sure what I’m looking and whether I’m missing a step to get it to where it should be, for example converting an edge to a crease.

Here’s an example.


to add or remove creases, use the remove crease tool, and to add crease tool.


It’s just not clear what types of lines I’m looking at in this situation. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish if it’s an edge, or a crease or two lines that need stitching, or just two lines that are so close and need to be brought closer together at vertex points?

Does that make sense.

The darker edges are creased edges. Use Tab to toggle between smooth and flat display of the SubD if you are wondering about two edges being close to one another. They may look like one edge in flat mode but smooth will show them apart.

Hi -

You can also modify the settings of a display mode to make it more clear to you what is what:


Thanks Brian.

Hey Wim, I don’t see those settings for Sub_D in display options…for example Crease Settings?



Rhino options:

Loosin it… confusion since I’ve got one instance of Rhino 6 and an instance of WIP running under the same WIP on taskbar.

Thanks Inju, that makes complete sense. I was looking at settings in V6 which doesn’t have Sub_D