Strange behavior with cage edit

I had some odd behavior when using cage edit today and I’m wondering if it’s just my machine or if others experience it too. I went to use cage edit on a model and in this case, I was accessing it from Transform menu. When I select Transform>Cage Edit>Create Cage, Rhino disappears. Gone. I assumed that it was a crash and went to open the file again and I got the alert that the file is open and can open it as “Read Only”. I tried various files and created new ones, and in every case, if I access Cage Edit from the Transform menu, Rhino disappears (assumed crash). When this happens, it looks like a crash, the Rhino icon is no longer highlighted, like it was closed and Rhino doesn’t even show up in the Task Manager, but I don’t get any crash report. The file seems to still open and when I shut-down my PC, there were several instances of Rhino “Open”. The other odd thing is, if I access Cage Edit from the Transform tab, it functions fine and nothing disappears. Does accessing Cage Edit from the drop-down menu do this to anyone else? If it’s just me, any clues as to what’s going on? Very, very odd.

Yikes - no idea yet… this is a new one to me. Do you have any custom menu items or anything esoteric like that?


I don’t have any custom menus, I do have some menus from a couple of plug-in, but nothing is custom. I played with this some more, last night (after a shutdown at work and a restart at home), same experience. If I select it from the menu, Rhino disappears and the file remains open in the background somewhere. If accessed from the cage edit icon in the transform tab, it works fine.

Michael - does Rhino disappear as soon as the item is chosen from the menu, or do you get to go through any prompts? Does it behave any differently if you start Rhino in Safe Mode?


Rhino disappears as soon as the item is chosen. This does still happen when in Safe Mode. In case this makes a difference, when I start in safe mode, the attached alert comes up and I can’t click no, I have to select yes to proceed to safe mode.