Sticky Expert toggles



This is my last one for today…

Can we have ‘sticky’ Expert UI toggles please? Over the course of a year this would save soooo many clicks and wasted hours!

Many thanks!


I assume that you have managed to download the installer finally (right?).

Sticky “Expert UI” toggles: they should be already, per node and per scene. That is, if you tell a particular node to display the Expert UI attributes, it will from then on.

If you mean something to say “I want all panels to be in expert mode by default” this is something that we would like to add to “Settings” soon. It is true that as soon as you become an advanced user, you really want full control to be toggled on by default.

Yes, your direct download link worked fine, thank you.

Yes, this is exactly it. Glad to hear you’re already on it!