Sterile blade remover

Series of design visualizations for a sterile blade remover.

(3d model of blade holder based on 3rd party model)


never new they come with a blade grip to pull them out or put them into place, we (in the company i used them at) always did that with our hands but alright that was also not a medical institution :slight_smile:

or is that a new product?

No, Swann Morton do their own.

It’s not a new product. I made these visuals amongst others for a trading company. Although not directly obvious, it involved quite a bit of fiddling with the reflections in post production to get a more clean/clinical look. The package was a scan of the actual box that I cleaned up to use as texture.

As @jeremy5 already mentioned Swan Morton has their own (different type of) remover.

would be interesting so see the render and the post next to each other

underside rendered separately for masking:

render with blade-reflections:

mixing and color grading:

Hi Gijs,
Nice renderings!

Shouldn’t it look more like this? I assume the fork lifts the blade…


@Jess Ha! you’re right, that’s a stupid oversight of mine

Similar things happend to me too when I focus too much on materials, lighting, reflections… :wink:
Hope you can correct it.

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It seems it is on sale for some time

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I can of course, but since it is a an old project, it will not be of much use, so I guess this embarrassment has to stay.

Never saw those, thanks :slight_smile: The other images in that ad I did as well.

I’m not going to post my stupid oversights which have been published :joy:

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