Standard Roof based on complexe shape (crv or surface) 2021-04

hi community,

I recently wanted to create a roof with a 2% angle on every slopes based on a irregular shape. I think this (future) script could be useful especially architects. here is my irregular shape :

I tried Old Town Roofs - #28 by laurent_delrieu which didn’t give me enough flexibility (ability to put slope angle)… nor good results :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :upside_down_face:

The GH Hible roofs plugin, only allow you to create rectangular surface then merge them…

The closest I found is this plugin for sketchup made big TIG here. It almost what I’m looking for except it isn’T robust enough… often crashes (too much)…

I wonder if any of you tackle this interesting challenge?



  1. when something doesn’t work with your geometry please post a file.
  2. I recreated it and it seems to work here

  3. You must have skipped some Math lessons because the slope could be done using a Scale 1D in Z axis. You must change your presumptuous pseudo :yum:
    See there, there must be an example on how to do with some basic trigonometry.
    Sand dune/Medial Axis (SAMPLE) - Grasshopper (98.6 KB)
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Some maths

My script does 45° angle roof so it 100%
if ,you want 2% Scale NU in Z with a 0.02 factor.