Stadium of the Year 2014

The Polish web site has published the results of its competition 2014 Stadium of the Year. This web site, dedicated to football stadiums, ran two competitions: one judged by the public, one judged by a jury.

The Public vote: This is the fifth year for the public vote. A record number of 96,772 people took part. Participants came from 136 countries, with the most votes originating in Brazil, Russia, Spain, and Poland.

The Jury vote: This is the first year for the jury vote, made up of architects with stadium experience. For the winners, they choose 10 stadiums from the 32 nominees.

For the next few days we will show a few examples that used Rhino somewhere in the design process. Which ones? Daily posts to follow.

Results from the Public vote 2014 Stadium of the Year …

Results from the Jury vote 2014 Stadium of the Year …

Posted Mar 19, 2015 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.

It would be cool to gather these posts into one page to show around :smile: