Stacked and Extruded Building Blocks

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to create a stacked-up, block architecture as shown in Fig.1. that has randomised window extrusions, which led to me to a studio’s attempt of the same, in that the definition created:

  • “generates randomized building blocks.”
  • “With parametric control a user can produce infinite number of iterations through this script.”
  • “When randomized cubes are created, it will open to one random side out of top sides and bottom. Intersection of cubes are boolean unioned to create continuous spaces”

I’ve attached further examples of their created stacked/extruded blocks. I’ve been looking to create similar but their downloadable definition is gone (screenshots of definition found on website: ) and my attempts haven’t gone far. I’ve gone through the BIG Habitat definitions, for similar but it lacks a similar details and extrusions to the buildings.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Fig 1. Precedent Aim/Hopeful Result

Fig 2. “Instant Architecture Result”

Fig 3. “Instant Architecture Result”

Fig 4. “Instant Architecture Result”

Fig 5. Blurred Definition