Split/sort list of areas at specific values

Hi All,

I’m trying to sort/split/partition a list of areas into separate lists at specific values. Essentially, I’m taking closed outlines of residential units and attempting to test them against the unit matrix size delineations. The panel on the right are the sizes of each unit type such as less than 575 sf are studios, less than 650 sf but greater than 575 are junior’s etc. Any thoughts on how to do this in a clean, tree way? I was going down a route of greater/less than but it was getting messy and won’t flex.


20221012_split-list-by-areas.gh (14.5 KB)

I think the easiest way might be with Domains and Elefront’s Create Tree

20221012_split-list-by-areas_Re.gh (21.1 KB)


Using domains is a god idea, and I’ve never heard of using the word “infinity” like this - cool! But you don’t need Elefront. I was confused by the colors until I realized that some of the surfaces were flipped, so added the yellow group.

split-list-by-areas_2022Oct12a.gh (34.3 KB)


thank you both for your solutions, they are very helpful and helped me reach an easy solution. the domains are a clean way of doing it and I typed in manually the domains to keep the script as minimal as possible.

thanks again