Split Multiple Breps to form Solid


I would like split multiple breps with each other and it to output each intersecting volume as a seperate brep. It should not be too difficult I tried using split brep multiple, however, this just splits all of the breps into surface and not solids.

Any help would be great!



Split Breps.3dm (415.6 KB) Split breps.gh (3.1 KB)

I see many layers in your Rhino file but no geometry?


Maybe you can internalize the Brep param?

Sorry see attached the rhino file with the breps.

Split Breps.3dm (379.5 KB)

Hah! It’s not clear to me what result you expect?

Split_breps_2020Aug20a.gh (20.4 KB)

Something like this?

Split breps_re.gh (119.2 KB)

Sorry let me try and explain again what I need. I want all the breps to split with each other and to form seperate solids so I should end up with about 25 seperate breps.

I have managed it in 2D (see attached picture) using the split multiple breps but it doesn’t work in 3D as it splits it into individual surfaces.