Split Curve with Brep Point Problem

Hi there.

I try to use “splitBrep” with closed Polylines. The intersection should produce at least 2 separate curves. But with some lines it produces the right number of points but the polyline is is still in one piece.
I tried to “explode” and to “join” the curves together again but the result is the same. Also simplifying the curves doesn’t work.

Any idea?

Ps: Since this is probably a bug is there a workaround for this? My programm version is 0.9.0076


We’ll need the files to replicate this. Please internalise the data you’re referencing from Rhino and upload a minimal *.gh file here.

BrepCurve_intersection_problem.gh (62.3 KB)


hi all,
I have a Problem with this component myself. I have created a cable net with Anemone and Need to split the curves where they are touching and best case join the curves otherwise or at least then sort the Points so I can reverence them in a structural Analysis.
Thankful for any suggestions on how to do that. uploaded the gh file too.parabola anemone.gh (35.4 KB)

flatten your curves…

thanks! do you have any idea why so many curves were created with the split command because there is multiple curves at one Point now?

what do you mean? There are so many curves at one Point?
These are your initial curves for example:

And now they get divided by the brep. So you will get all these small parts in the end.

If you want the “whole” curve between the breps, you have to join them.

by multiple curves I mean what you can see in the Picture below. That is what happens when I only bake the split curves.

The joining in rhino weirdly wouldn’t work for the IGS that Import. My structural Analysis Software still makes it sperate lines…

As you can see from in myscreenshot, there are no duplicated lines when I bake it. Just these small elements.

very sorry for that dumb question, but you didn’t Change anything else in the Skript but flattening the curves in the split command? because I Keep getting duplicate lines.

Nope… are you using Rhino 5 or 6?

5… maybe that’s the problem

Used Rhino 6, when I‘m home I will try it with 5 :slight_smile:

thanks, woudl be lovely!:relaxed: