Sorting planar Line-like curves and curves

Hello, I am trying to figure how can we sort straight line and curves separately from a complex planar shape in grasshopper ? like in the ref. image below

I tried “Evaluate curve” and “Curvature” components but I guess they are useful to evaluate only on a particular point/parameter on the curve.

Basically, I am trying to sort curves with some curvature and the straight lines (with no curvature).


by sort you mean seperate.
sort is like 2 1 3 to 1 2 3
seperate is like 2 1 3 to 2 1 and 3
curvature is good

evaluation on curve mid point is enough in your case.
you do not neet do evaluate infinite points on curve.

for a more stable way:

you may want to use similar instead of equal depends on your curve.

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ohh nice good to know this approach. Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, wanted to seperate it according to the type. Thank you for sharing the two approaches. Good to learn these different logics.