Sort points to make a wave curve

Dear to all, nerds (like me) that work on these kind of days haha,

As I am grateful to learn a lot these days, I still try to learn again especially in datas. I got basic courses about sort lists/points but i still get lost. Well, I created points from translation move from orginial points. And i tried the component “Point sort items” but it seems creating two lists instead of one list.

There is a component that could help ? Thank you very much

Looking forward your response, merry christmas !!!

Good night,

I managed to be close to find a solution but I still stuck. Maybe something is missing, I would like to know if there is any idea to reverse point positions to try to make a continuity of list points.

Thank you very much

Hello Sailor!

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Upload your file so I can have a look!
and also, according to the first picture there are four lists, as the color indicate: pink, green, blue and black.
It’s all about order and how the data comes in the first place.

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Sir Ernest Shackleton

Hello Captain,

Yes, I’m new in this forum. And, next time i will follow tips about how to ask effective questions.

First of all, thank you very much for the response. I share with you the file so you can have a look :slight_smile:

Looking forward your response, thank you for your time (20.1 KB)

Ok, so I could not understand ANYTHING you where trying to do, so I took the liberty to create another file. Maybe this was what you where dreaming of?
By looking at your file I can tell you’re an absolute begginner, so please take your time to look at the file and try to understand the little tutorial I made about data and how we can manipulate to make different things.
Data is the CORE of gh.
Hope it helps, later skater!
creed bratton

s (46.8 KB)

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Sir Ernest Shackleton

I think you are looking for the sort point along curve component (18.9 KB)

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Thank you very much. Have a great new year :slight_smile: