Sort point along curves

I am trying to use sort points along curves for my situation.
I have a bunch of paired planes and lines. I am generating points by intersecting the planes and the lines. I am trying to use sort point along curves to synchronize the points in order to loft the polylines created by the points. It works for 4 cases but the point order is not ok in one case. How can I correct this? I was formerly suggested to use Align section Loft option, but it does not work for me. Sometimes it creates an extra unnecessary curve. I have tried also sort points along plane axis, but it also gives bad result in some situations.
Any solution for point synchronization?

sortalong (11.3 KB)

it looks like working smoothly without sorting points

It just an example, when you have hundreds of these triangles it does not work always. I need a solution which gives a a correct result always.

What language is that?

Can you explain what is the theory behind flipping the curve direction? The language is hungarian. Does it make any difference? :slight_smile:

Polylines have a certain direction, which is defined by the order of their vertices or segments. For each one there are thus two possible orientations, simply put flowing left or right from the start or seam point for closed curves.
Flip simply reverses the direction of a curve. If a guide curve is provided, the curve is only flipped, if it’s direction is different from the guide curve’s.
Since AlongCrv didn’t work in your case, this seems to be a sound alternative to explore, even though both components should work similarly.

To me it doesn’t. I was just curious.