Solid Finite Element Analysis in Millipede? (No beams or shells)

Dear experts,

I´ve been checking Millipede* plugin in order to perform a Finite Element Analysis of some solid bodies that must be treated as solid (no beams or shells). Ideally, I would like to obtain Von Mises stresses, Displacements, and Buckling Analysis.

Do you know how to do this in Millipede or do you have some illustrative example GH file? Any other FEA plugin methods are also welcome.

There should be a way, but I can´t figure it out how. For example, at this point in this video tutorial, some topology optimization is performed, as well as in the Examples folder that can be found with Millipede´s release.

*Millipede seems abandoned since 2014, but the last? release still can be found from here with examples or from here without examples. Another backup repository with it at githup.