Solid Difference Issue

Hello everybody,

I was searching a whole forum and trying to solve this issue for a whole day and havent found the solution yet :frowning: Its becoming desperate :frowning:

THE ISSUE: Solid difference is showing only one input Brep instead of the difference. (2.2 MB)

Here you can see its nicely working with other 2 Breps (polysurfaces)

I have reduced mesh, worked with tolerances among others - nothing working.
All 3 polysurfaces are actually converted Delaunay meshes created from imported point clouds. So I was not modeling them by manually.

Any idea what could be problem?

Thank you very much in advance!
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Your Breps are open, boolean operations are meant to be used on closed polysurfaces.

Could you describe on a simpler case what result you want to obtain ?

Assuming you want to keep the portion of mesh above the cutter, you could use the (quite slow) Trim Solid. (2.2 MB)

Hello MagicTeddy,

thank you for the answer!
To be clear. I need 2 Solid Differences - to see volumes (the difference between Terrain Before and Terrain After - the amount of ground to be added and to be removed)

Case 1 is beautifuly working (there are 2 open Breps - Terrain 1 Before and Terrain 2 After)

Case 2 is not working (even though I close those open Breps - Terrain 2 Before and Terrain 2 After)
It is showing only input Breps

Any ideas for the solution?
As I have written Ive tried almost anything but I havent found the source of error :frowning:

All the best,

Diana (3.5 MB)