Sole design

rhino is new for me and i m designing of shoes sole, can i take some video tutorial of shoes designing

Here is a Google search with a number of result- might help…



Thank you,


I work in rhino, for a shoe company, if you ever have any specific questions!

i am also working in shoe company recently i installed rhine but its new for me. now i m chasing some problem in sole designing.can u give some help in sole desinging at rhino. if there are some video tutorial of shoes sole designing . it will good for me

I need shoe sole designing tutorials in rhino too. I watched all the video links above that pascal gave but they are all easy soles. Could you capture some of your sport shoes sole modelings and upload it please?

Merhabalar, bende Türkiyeden katılıyorum. Ayakkabı taban konusunda eğitime ihtiyacım var yolun başındayım. yardımcı olursanız çok sevinirim :slight_smile:

Hi! Mensa maybe you can teach online shoes sole modeling? of course for the money