Snapshot - scale 1D glitch

I am trying to create a diagram to show the evolution of a building.
When scale 1D the building vertically, the snapshot works fine. However, when I try to scale horizontally, it glitches as shown in the video.
Is there a way to fix this?

Hello- it is impossible to say without an example and without knowing what, exactly, your inputs are for the scale operation.


Hello @pascal

This is what I am doing regarding the building in question

I found what the problem is.
when I try to scale 1D in a direction that is not the original X, Y, Z axis it glitches as shown in the videos.
(the video below explains what I mean)
the issue; is it possible to scale in a direction other than the original axis of the file?

Just post a file, please.


forum file.3dm (292.6 KB)