"Snake like" Bongo 2 Animation

Hi Rich,

The thing is that you made the object “Cone Filter and tube” a Universal joint with full Rotation freedom. When you make an object in IK free to rotate, you hand the (rotational) control over to the IK solver. Hence you can no longer control it yourself by keyframe data.

In your model you have to take away the joint properties of object “Cone Filter and tube” (set IK to ‘None’).
Then you can give it Rotation Y -90° and all goes well.

On my system it takes IK 55 seconds to solve. The vast number of joints makes that it takes rather long. You must hardly never wait more than a few minutes for IK to solve. When you don’t see the progress-indicator gradually advance the solver is almost certainly trying to solve something impossible.

I’ll send you a fixed model.

Keep the spirits up,

Thank you for the insight and fixing that part of the model. I accidentally discovered that setting the cone to None worked, late yesterday. I appreciate the fix.

However, the other part of the problem is controlling the rest of the snake. On its way to its final destination, the tube goes through the box and I need to make it go around the box to the left and not twist and distort at tick 30 as it moves on to the final destination point. Also, after tick 43, the snake continues to move.

BTW, my system took 49 sec to solve. There must have been some issues with elements in my other models.


I fear Bongo 2.0 cannot provide a solution for these issues.

The ongoing action after the final tick is a known phenomenon. I think it is inherent to the IK solver. Maybe @Joshua might be able to clarify more.

Preventing the tube to go through the box is absolutely beyond Bongo’s 2.0 ability. It requires interference analysis. Maybe in time Bongo 3.X …. who knows.