Smoothing models for 3d printing

I have some models that were pulled from a videogame that I’m cleaning up in order to print as parts of some costumes I’m working on. (These are for personal use only.) Because of the nature of the model files, they’re very blocky. Is there any easy way to smooth these without losing all the detail? I’ve attached some of the files I’m working with to show the issue.
3dModel_Wings.3dm (8.3 MB)
MeiGun.3dm (3.8 MB)

Hi Sixpence - if you have the meshes that these came from, you can try the WeaverBird tools (wbCatmullClark ) to get a smoothed version.


Thank you for the suggestion! Although, looking into it made me realize I accidentally posted in Rhino for Windows, instead of Mac. Never post pre-coffee, lol. I’ll move it now.