Smooth NetworkSrf - gap

Hello, I created a network surface but I have a space here, how can it be removed? Thank you

That tiny little sliver? That’s not “actually” a gap, it’s just the render mesh.

See this page I did up in 2001.

Thank you for the reply. Are there any settings to improve these renderings?
Options > Document Properties > Mesh
If the current setting is “Jagged and faster” try “Smoother and slower”.
If that is not sufficient then you will need to go into “Custom”
You can try the simple “Density” control and crank density up. Or go to “Detailed controls”

Thank you!

Also, is it possible for this surface to become smoother?

Are you referring to the kinks in the zebra stripes? If so those kinks are the result of the render mesh size, not the NURBS geometry. Refining the mesh will eliminate the apparent kinks. If you have not yet done so read Jim Carruthers webpage about the render mesh which he linked to above. Hydraulic Design: Rhino 3D Sales and Training, Design and Modeling

When you use the Zebra command you can see the mesh that the Zebra command is clicking on Adjust mesh and then clicking on Preview.

Thank you