Slightly off coordinates

I noticed that upon activating a custom saved CPlane the Command line lists some weird origin coordinates that are not full numbers, despite the fact that originally I made each of those CPlanes along a box with perfectly round numbers, active Grid snap and whose coordinates were marked with 7 zeros after the decimal comma. I have never seen so many numbers after the decimal comma like those in the Command line. It’s a bit distracting to see those numbers being not same as the ones in the mouse ToolTip. :slight_smile:

That’s floating point accuracy for you. Those numbers are not off, they are the same (within floating point tolerance).

There have been many threads about those in the past years, like Mesh.Vertices accuracy seems wrong, why?

That said, 7 places after decimal comma is probably overkill for these cases.

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I’m aware that absolute coordinates could be really complicated, just wondered why using Grid snap to every millimeter to set the CPlane at a precise location resulted into a weird Z-axis coordinate that was not a rounded number, unlike the X-axis and Y-axis coordinates that both are full numbers. Anyway, looks like it’s not a big deal. :slight_smile: Thank you for your time to explain that matter!

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