Slide Along Cage Extensions

As described… any way of doing things already wished for or in development for SubD?

What is it you are looking to do?

Not something I’d thought of really.

Also, we may need to be able to visualise and pick between coincident stuff, I think. A vertex coul point to a faces centre, likewise an edge could point from midpoint to centre?

The Slide command does this now if I’m understanding correctly what you’re asking about. It works on verts too. You can also set the Gumball to Align to Object which can help but I may be lost still on what we’re talking about :slight_smile:

update… I think I may have finally understood! If you want to drag a vert along the tangent direction of an edge but off of it, use Near Osnaps and drag it back on the edge and hit Tab, this will lock you to that vector and you can move off of the edge. To do this for more than one vert at a time is not possible and brings us back to SubD not having UVs I think.

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Thanks Brian - yeah that seems the best strategy! Yeah the tangent direction / the equivalent of a control point ‘extension’.

Yep - that’s reasonable given there isn’t a 4 sided logic always. Maybe the logic would be something along the lines of, if every vertex in a picked loop belongs to a ring with unique end points, then it can use the vector of that ring. Thinking out loud. I’m not sure what the equivalent SubD / Poly modelling tool would be. I’m sure others will pipe up if its useful.