Slicing Polysurface For 3-Axis Machining

I have a closed polysurface that I need to break down into 12mm closed slices so I can cut each slice out via 3 Axis router from 12mm stock and then assemble them in a stack to recreate the form. I can get the contour curves, but that doesn’t get the profile. That would be fine if I was cutting it straight via laser or 2.5 axis, but the goal is to actually machine the slope as well.
Pendant - BSL.3dm (103.0 KB)
Pendant Slicing - (9.5 KB)

Any thoughts?

R7 .3dm file cannot be opened in R6. You could just internalize the brep?


Ah yep. Try this:

Pendant Slicing - (52.5 KB)


So Contour doesn’t work.

No, only partially. My goal is to have something similar to this video, except each slice needs to still have the profile curvature that is present in the brep so that I can program the 3 Axis to cut each slice from 12mm stock.

That caterpillargh error message is for a unit converter plug in. My goal was to set this up so that I can use this definition to slice future models for machining and I typically work in US inches but wanted to have the ability to convert if need be on the fly.

something like this?

Pendant Slicing - (57.5 KB)


Close! Check this out:
Pendant Slicing - BSL_Re by material (74.5 KB)

I substituted slicing it by steps with a specified distance instead. That way I can input the material thickness that Ill be machining and it will spit out the shapes for me to nest in a sheet for the router to run. Ill reply back when we actually run this so you can see the final result!

I see I’m going to have to get more familiar with grafting and flattening to truly understand this. This is more involved than I was expecting. Great work!

Pendant (86.6 KB)

P.S. @inno has a better approach using SInt (Solid Intersection), which handles a hole in the brep (how did that get there?) and arbitrarily thin slices. Nice. Both conditions will break my convoluted approach. Oh well.

A minor refinement but sure, it makes sense.

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Haha, oh I referenced a new version of the brep. Im still working on detailing it out for fabrication.

Had it been there originally, I would have been forced to take a different approach. The convoluted approach I used was interesting but a waste of time.

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@blink there’s only one thing that got changed (and I think it was an important one)

to have boolean intersection work “smoothly” the stacked boxes had all Zdomain “X” but the last one that had “X+1” (in such a way the last one on top, that had to deal with the top part of the Brep, was always 1 unit bigger than the Brep itself -meaning the box top was not coplanar with the Brep top)

I see a repeat data was deleted there, and as a result you end up with just the first slice being the right height, and all the other ones being too much thick:

I would change it like this:

Pendant Slicing - BSL_Re by material (74.0 KB)


Thanks again @inno for you help with this. Here is the object we were working on IRL. The pendant was sliced up using your definition to make flat parts that were cut out of Corian and restacked to make the final form.

You can read more about the exhibit and the others in that space here: