Single POV visibility analysis for control towers (airport planning)


I’m currently developing a thesis on the use of Generative design tools for the early stages of airport planning .

One particular tool I’m trying to develop is a Point of view analysis and checker for the Control Tower.

Air controllers need to have a clear sight of specific parts of the airport (such as runways, taxiways, final approachs)

The control tower also needs to avoid specific sections of the airspace (aeronautical easements)

The problems I have:
I’m relatively new to grasshopper (but I learn fast, I have used dynamo and I used to code in basic, vbasic and c++)

All the tutorials and tools I’ve found are not suited for this specific use as most visibility analysis tools are developed for urban planning and I cannot get any where the routine checks for direct visibility of any particular object.

I have reduced the inputs to the following :

The point of view(PPOV) XYZ values must be variables so I can feed them to Galapagos.

XY are confined to a perimeter

Category A objects must be fully visible (no obstructions)
Category B objects can be partially obstructed

The runways have to be seen at an angle greater than a certain value in order to avoid mirages

A sphere is associated to the POV, as to simulate the tower and its equipment atop it

The sphere cannot clash with aeronautical easements virtual volumes.

I’m currently trying to find any ray tracing solutions, as isovists proved a dead end.

Needless to say, an acknowledgement of significant contributions will be made in the document of the research.

Hi Fred,

Thank you for your feedback, however this is not in the field of my research. I’m trying to asses the ideal position of a Control Tower in early stages of airport planning.

This tool gives a information on Detection, recognition and identification of a single target from the tower but really nothing more and works better as a validation for later stages of the design process.

As i said before i need to make sure that ATC controllers can see a number of objects at all times (which are represented in the 3D model). A purely geometrical exercice with specific inputs.


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GH component IsoVist Ray - This old thread has multple examples of how to use it: