"Single and Multi-Objective Optimization in Design" workshop in Berlin

Parametric Support invites architects, engineers, and designers to participate in a training on optimization techniques.

Two days of training cover topics of single and multi-objective optimization using generic (based on swarm intelligence and evolutionary algorithms) and dedicated methods.

Berlin, Dec 1-2

Day 1

9-13 Introduction to optimization methods and application
13-14 Lunch break
14-17 Single objective optimization

Day 2

9-13 Booleans and hard constraints. Introduction to multi-objective methods
13-14 Lunch break
14-17 Dedicated methods of optimization

Requirements for participants

Basic Grasshopper level is necessary. Familiarity with the Data Trees and data matching logic.


Rhino + Grasshopper


Parametric Support, Hardenbergstrasse 38, Berlin


[Early Bird] 300 eur + VAT / unitl 26.10.2017
[Regular] 380 eur + VAT

More info at hello@parametric.support and on Parametric Support Facebook page

Posted Nov 06, 2017 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.