Simulation of 3d print on stretched textile

Hello friends, I am trying to simulate the behaviour of stretched textile and 3d printed pattern on it. I have already tried it physically but i would like to see the result forehand. To simulate this behaviour, first i added ‘rod’ and ‘edge lengths’ components to textile mesh. So it shows the elasticty of textile. Then, i added an offseted geometry arounda the textile and i applied gravity force to this geometry. When i run the code, it gives me a simulation but the main problem, it never changes.
Even if i change the 2d pattern, simulation is always the same. What shoul i do to correct this code? I will be appreciate if you can check my code and help! (22.7 KB)

What does your goal look like?

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Some image of the effect you’re simulating would help us understand.
It sounds a bit like what was discussed in this thread

(See also the other threads linked further up in that one)

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Hey @DanielPiker, thank you for your response and your advice. I examined the examples that you shared but for this examples we need to grab the pattern to give it 3d volume. In my case, i want to see behaviour of the material because of its internal forces. Here are also some examples of I made physically.

As you can see here, depends on the pattern that i printed on the stretched fabric, the 3d shape changes. The main goal of me is simulate this 3D shapes on grasshopper.

Hey @Quan_Li, thank you for your answer. I want to simulate the final 3d shape made by 2d pattern printed on stretched fabric. It looks like in general like these: