Simple feature request that would help people who are idiots at math like me

Would be nice if we could type in simple equations instead of hard numbers for gumball transforms and in command parameters

Hi Ryan- you can do this at the command line but not in the gumball, though I imagine that is not impossible to implement either. To make calculations on the command line, use the format

=(equation in here)

e.g. Line 0 =(3.1278*4.25)

this will constrain the line length to whatever 3.1278*4.25 is. Is that what you are looking for? This is a python thing, so the very first time you do it in a session it takes a while to kick in while Python gets loaded into memory.


yes that’s it…

hrmm is there a technical reason for the extra keystrokes? Could this not be made to work sans () and =?

I mean… unless you needed the () for order of operations inside your equation. But they could be optional, no?