Silhouette Class?

What is that used for?

Can I use it to extract brep’s edges?

Hello - it is used to get curves from an object from a particular view direction. Depends what you mean by edges - it would be visual edges… These curves might correspond to some brep face edges some of the time, but it’s not what I’d use if you want the face edges.


I thought it’s used to get the visual contour looked from the camera. e.g. a cube looked from 45 degrees rotation about x and z axes. I imagine the result be a hexagon.

Am I getting this right?

The only way I know is to convert brep to mesh and then use this method:

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Is this method connected to Silhouette?
It doesn’t seem like it but I can’t read the api doc properly so I don’t know.

No, it’s connected to the Rhino command _MeshOutline…

Is there a different class/method connected to Silhouette in Dispaly Mode? Would really help me out to achieve a look I talked about in a different post

Thank you!