Shuffling length values ,grasshopper

hello evey one,
I am trying to apply a shhufle using the jitter component on divide length component, but when i change the jitter seed and shuffle strengths, the devide length component output is still the same , thank ypu four your help

Because divide length, doesn’t divide your curve 3,2,5 meter for example, it divides the curve once in 3 meter, once in 2 meter and once in 5 meter. When you look at the data branches from it’s Output, you will recognice 3 branches. Changing the seed will just Change the order of the tree branches.

If you want to divide a curve randomly into a limited number of lengths (say 2, 3, and 5 to stick with @tim.stark), you generate this list of values \{2,3,5\}, you then duplicate or repeat the values until you have enough to divide the whole curve \{2,3,5,2,3,5, ...,2,3,5\}, you then shuffle that list of repeated values \{5,5,3,5,2,3,2,...2,2\}, you perform a mass addition on that list and use the partial results to evaluate your curve at length values. This will finally give you a list of curve parameters which can be used to shatter the curve. If you only care about the points, you can omit the last step.

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thank you alot !

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I have a new question please.
how to apply the resulted shuffeld list on a two grafted lists with out having the same values repeated on both of them, so the the shuffeld list do not start from the begining every time there is a new list , I hope you understand me

Your questions would be more effective if you post a GH model with them.