Shrink Wrap continues to not allow good mesh

hey ladies and gentlemen I’m have an issue with shrink wrap with a particular file and i for the life of me cannot get a good mesh after shrink wrapping several times with different iterations specs.
slice 1 shrink wrap.stl (15.3 MB)


What settings did you try and what’s not looking good?

is that giving you a good mesh on check mesh wizard?

i used
target edge length .02
o offset
0 smoothing
10 polygon optimization
check - fill holes

this is the check mesh results after inputing the settings you posted. also thank you for your reply!

The input mesh has holes that are larger than the edge lengths you’re trying to use.
The fastest way to patch those holes is to run MeshRepair and click Repair, then ShrinkWrap. Now the open holes and broken edges can handle the smaller edge length values you’re using.

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why even shrinkwrap that? it has only a few small problems that can be fixed with deleting a few faces and patching them back in…

check this video for how to do this-

slice 1 shrink wrap_kfix.stl (15.3 MB)

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that’s what I got when I imported the stl you attached. is the first part ok because it says good geometry, I appreciate the patience as I’m growing into the surface to mesh modeling world at a rapid pace!

that mesh will print fine. The reporter on that tool gets a bit dramatic…

you just don’t want holes or normals that are screwed up.

you can fix normals with the command unifymeshnormals

check the mesh with selopenmesh

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Thank you sir! i will send to the printer to test er out and post results! thanks guys!