Show Zebra Stripes During Dynamic Draw? (C++)

Hello.boy,i also have this problem, can you post your way?or post a example to display zebra

I just noticed, that Dale’s addition appeared in the Rhino 7.4 SDK (see below). It works fine! I will also add a small video how it works in my function.

const ON_Mesh* mesh,
const CRhinoZebraAnalysisSettings& zas,
const ON_Color& color,
CRhinoCacheHandle* cache

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Mhm, I can’t upload my video format so I will just upload 2 screenshots. It is a function that can smooth selected areas from a mesh - they show the mesh before and after smooth with zebra stripes.

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Here is a simple Python sample. (1.5 KB)

– Dale

I have a similar effect - using a striped texture on a mesh during a dynamic draw, as a visual feedback for the main tween-edit functionality.

So far, it’s used in the TweenerAddControl function in Tweener | Food4Rhino and done with pure C#, works fast enough since only the mesh vertex texture list needs to be updated in each draw.
However, it would be great to share some “zebra-controlling” code.

Hello @dale ,

is it possible to set zebra preview strip size and direction without zebra analysis mode in C#? I have found its using last settings from analysis. Could I override them?


I see c++ gives such opportunity but similar setting is missing in RhinoCommon :frowning: Is it possible to add this also there?

Hi @mlukasz87,

No, the Zebra settings class, CRhinoZebraAnalysisSettings is not exposed in RhinoCommon yet.

– Dale

Thank you @dale. It works fine in latest SR8. Only stripe thickness description is reversed but it is not a problem.