Shortest Path algorithm (A*Path)

Guys, I want to optimace the path from a start point to an end point. the surface is irregular and have some “obstacles” which are the “webs” (curves) that I need to avoid. I wanted to use the shortest walk plug-in, but I’m having troubles constructing an appropriate grid and how to implement the obstacles, I was thinking in a way to “took out” the points on the grid that are close or on the obstacles to then just have a “walkable” grid.

I also try with python but is hard to me. I found a lot of tutorials applied to regular python but none for grasshopper python. (22.8 KB)


it seems there is nothing internalized in your file.

Using a graph you would just not construct the edges or flag them in a bool array as unwalkable.

Ohh i’m sorry, now is internalized

its not really accurate: (17.1 KB)

Thanks anyways, I would have a look at it

Missed the part with the webs, blame the heat and the beer,hehe.
Also I am sure there is a better way, anyway, have a look at this: (20.3 KB)

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Use collision component (20.5 KB)