Shell object 0.5

HI again!! Thankyou for all those who have had time to help me on this… I am now trying to shell my canoo :confused:
I have been follwoing the command to a 0.5 inch instruction and feel like I have created a clean model… but it isnt shelling properly… anyone see what im doing wrong?

Ps. when I get better at this ill definately return the help…
Loft.3DM (4.2 MB)

If you want to get proficient at using Rhino, learn the surface modeling tools. Don’t waste time with tutorials that teach the solid tools - all you will learn from them is how to fail.

What you are trying to accomplish is not very difficult using the right tools (see file)
canoo.3dm (470.9 KB)

Thanks Jim… I am halfway through, and actually am learning a lot so not just going to give up on it like that.
I just want to learn why the shell option is failing…
I cant really see what you have done there, or how you made the model solid…but really appreciate trying to help…


Shell is failing because it can’t do the steps correctly.
That’s why I gave you a file showing how you can do the steps yourself correctly.

Learn the commands ExtractSrf OffserSrf ExtendSrf Trim Mirror Join. Then you can help other people when their canoe shell fails.

I used the commands in the order they are shown. Which step did you get stuck on? The model becomes a solid when you do the last step -> Join