Share RUI file within an office

I’d like to know how large offices manage their Rhino toolbars.
When toolbars contain in-house macro buttons, links to scripts or GH definitions, how do you make sure everyone is on the same page when macros, scripts, and links are updated ?

At some point, we stored a shared RUI file on the server, but when the server was down for maintenance or had hickups, we would find ourselves suddenly without toolbars.

Since we use Google File Stream, we tried to use that instead.
The “official” RUI file is stored on the cloud, with a copy being synchronized locally on every desktop.
That way, even if Internet is down, the link to the file is still working.

Problem : Google File Stream sometimes fails to launch…

Anyone got a better solution ?

I used for the same purpose until I started having problems with rhino refusing to write the rui file in directory other than its default. To overcome that I made a script that copies and overwrites the file form the synced directory to Rhino’s.

The resilio implementation worked very well for me. Did you encounter the write permission problem with Windows?

Hello Yianni,

We had trouble with using network addresses for the RUI files, thus the idea of using Google File Stream’s virtual disk system.

We are all tied-in with Google for now, so our best hope seems to be finding why GFS sometimes fails to launch.

Hello @Yianni,

Would you be willing to share the script? I am thinking of doing the same thing as my scripts are now being deployed to about 10 different machines and I update some of them regularly.

Best regards,


Of course @Dancergraham !
This is the first time I get to share :slight_smile:
You will be amazed by how simple it is, I followed an online guide somewhere. (586 Bytes)
There are 2 bat scripts, edit them with notepad for your needs.
Then create a Rhino button that will run each script:
! _-Toolbar
-Run “C:\V.J. Special Tools\V.J. ToolbarsBackup/VJ-DefaultCopyOperation.bat”

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