Shapediver iFrame Add Button

We are currently working with a website engineer to make a product website.

At this stage, we will review the UX(User Experience) issues.

Problems encountered after loading Shapediver’s API. The dynamic window will interfere with the slider of the entire page when rotating, moving, and zooming in. This problem will be more obvious in the mobile version.

Since many people use mobile phones for shopping, we want to improve this situation The picture below is the way we think of improvement Can you add the following buttons to control the dynamic window? Like locked windows or zoom in out

Or do you have any better suggestions to improve this problem and do you have relevant information that Shapediver can use in UX?

We recommend the direct embedding method for building apps as it gives you more control and full access to our API. See the Documentation, API reference, CodePen library for more and find inspiration in the success stories.