Sewing two surfaces together, semi-permanently

Hi McNeel folks!

I’ve got a question that has tickled me for years… I may have asked it about a decade ago, can’t remember.

I’m working on a set of surfaces that share edges - same number of control points, same degree in that direction. These two edges are identical, but belong to different surfaces. I want them to stay as one.

Is there a way we could sew or stitch these surfaces together so that anytime one of the edges changes, the other surface’s edges change as well?

Put another way, if I select this special form of a polysurface (stitched surfaces?), it shows both sets of control points, but the common edge appears as one set of points? I’m not looking for continuity of curvature, just position. I realize I can select both surfaces, enable control points, and select the pair of points, but it is cumbersome had error-prone.

What would be the best way of doing this programmatically? Perhaps one surface could be the primary, the other secondary? So when you move a primary surface point, the corresponding edge point of the secondary surface moves in tandem? I don’t mind writing code, I just don’t know where to start.



Hi Tom - MatchSrf with history recorded will work up to a point - that point being where you need a surface to have more than one connection… you only get one at a time.