Sets question

This problem about combine sets or tree branches which have similar numbers, @DavidRutten Already solved it years ago with c#
And i think loop can do the same thing as the script but is there a method to do that with components or Python (6.4 KB)

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I’m not quite sure I follow, but the Python set class has methods such union, intersection, and difference (and more) that might help get you started.

Thanks, All these are available as components but how to resolve it this is the problem.

Just giving a try with geometrical approach…

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In this specific case, @Jakinta, you have final set restults that doesn’t overlap.
Region union is not good in this matter.
Replace 11 with 3 and 3 with 11 on first panels and you’ll understand.

You can do something similar but with meshes, see here: Sort intersected curves

Also, I believe @seghierkhaled is searching for a pure math (with sets) solution, without going geometric.


Hi @Jakinta, As @maje90 this will not work for case like this

This is a solution based on @maje90 idea in the thread mentionned

Yes you are right , sometimes the solutions are very simple but i can’t find it and sometimes problems looks very simple but they are very complex.

Hi @seghierkhaled,

Attached is a replica of David’s C# component in python.
sets (8.0 KB)


That is correct. As soon as i posted it, realised it was wrong. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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it’s a step for the right solution but as @maje90 said , the solution don’t work where branches have a single item, maybe will work by using set difference between the original tree and the result

Ehm… indeed… I’ve just updated the other thread in the same way you described.

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Thank you @djordje, it work fine; and it will help to solve many problems .
I will convert it to a component if you accept

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Solution of @djordje is the Python solution .
And i still want find another solution with Math components if Grasshopper can do it .

This solution based on ideas of @maje90 and @Jakinta (14.0 KB)


Ghpython component , i called it Sets intersection , i don’t know if it is the right term.

Credit to @djordje & @DavidRutten

Sets Intersection.ghpy (24 KB)

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