SetredrawOn or Off does nothing


Using the latest 7.6.21124.9001, 2021-05-04)
Command SetredrawOff or On is not yet disabling the redraw… it does nothing.
It was very helpful in my custom command when managing big files

Thank you for your help

Hi -
In a simple test here, those commands seem to work.
I started a new file, ran SetredrawOff, ran Plane, and picked two points. Nothing was visible in the viewports. I then ran SetredrawOn and the plane became visible in the viewports.
Does this procedure behave differently on your system?

Hi @wim
It occrus… strangely

I started new file, ran _SetredrawOff , ran Plane, nothing visible for the picking of points, but just after the second click, Plane appears, and redraw if back to On (but nothing written in history)
I tried several times and it is like if RedrawOff works only “One time” and trun On after the first command …

Hello - here, this works, that is, I do not see any geometry until redraw is turned back on -

! _SetRedrawOff _Plane _pause _pause _Line _pause _pause _SetRedrawOn

Does that do what you expect?
Running the commands separately, ‘by hand’ also works here.