Set item in GH_Structure

Hi all,

I am currently rewriting a code that previously was in a C#-scripting node to be in a custom plugin. When doing so, I am replacing all the DataTree-structures with GH_Structure. However, I’m less familiar with GH_Structure and therefore ran into a bit of a problem.

How do you set a specific item in a GH_Structure? I found methods to append and insert items, but what I basically want to to is replace one item in the structure with another. Is there a method for this I’m missing or would I have to delete the old item and insert the new one separately?

The line of code I had before:
pointTree.Branch(i)[j] = movedPoint;

Where pointTree is a DataTree input.

Solved this myself, I could apparently just write:

pointTree.Branches[i][j] = movedPoint;

as long as the point was a GH_Point.