Set button for rhino command

I was wandering if there is a bug or am I miss using rhino command button.
I am using a rhino command button that uses the value of a slider.
Even if I use the set Button, the window still thinks that it’s not set (and I get the renowned “Instead, use the value listener to drive a “Set” operation”.

An example file attached (16.5 KB)


I’ve tried to solve your problem, but it doesn’t seem to work with HUMAN.UI alone.
You can use a python script to run your rhino command

command rhino by python and (8.9 KB)

Thank you! good idea to just bypass the command button :pray:

If I may bother you with another question,
some of the commends I am using “stay active” in the comment terminal (meaning that until I press another button that commends “Enter” the commend is there. And I want to override the current commend with another, using the values from the slider.

Here is an example: I click a button and the commend is:

I want to change the slider, and send the commend again so the line updates.
If I use the rhino commend (Human) it manages to override but if I use rhino commend (common) it doesnt…

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand. Can you make screenshots or a video?