Sequentially Sort Points by Distance

Rhino 5 could crash.

I used this component

the point is make coincident the 3d surface with unrolled get the numeration.

reorder (5.7 MB)

Are you really sure about the two lists match?
Your # 0 panel has a hole in it but the oriented one doesn’t.

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that’s the problem does not match I had to unroll by script and reference it in grasshopper, the script gave me that order so I want to compare the object by area to matchching the object and numerate sequencely starting in 0 that would the closest element to the reference point.

The Sequentially Sort Points by Distance command could reorder decently my elementes with a point like reference but I would make it with native commands if would be possible.

I don’t understand what you said…

And what do you mean by that? That component you mentioned is an User object using custom VB script component.

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I would like make that with native gh components if it was possible.

BTW I just want the 3d surface and unroll surfaces have the same number, next as you can see the order in 3D surfaces is a random value I would like to see a little order to organize the pieces after cut

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that was a smart solution even I was able to organize by areas.

edit: does not works :frowning: I think yes but 1 is 201 :confused:

Is possible make that vb component does with the basics commands in grasshopper ?someone?

If you need to, you can continue to install the User object and use as it is.
If such components were needed, David Rutten would have already created. If you really want it, then ask it to him.

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I reload de surface into grasshopper and it works … 1 is 1 :slight_smile:

thanks man I always see your definitions You always help to others thanks again.