Seperate list of curves into 2 groups depending on direction


I have a list of non planar curves which i would like to seperate into two groups depending on their direction.

In other words:


What would be the easiest way to acheive this? Since they are non planar I am having some trouble. Thank you in adnvace:)

seperating (518.9 KB)

Turning it into a Mesh with Weaverbird and extracting WarpWeft is one way

You might need to do a little bit manually at the corners where your input has protruding lines which aren’t part of closed quads

This grid looks like it comes from a surface or mesh though - if you have the original geometry it is coming from, it would probably be easier to sort the directions there instead of trying to extract them from just the lines.


How did you create the curves?

Thank you, will give this a go!

Curves are generated with the Lunchbox diagrid component on a surface generated with kangaroo

There might be a better way to sort the curves.

Here is the file showing how i obtained the curves:

non-planar curves on (51.6 KB)

But the WeaverBird Solution works really well!

Here is another option, that works in this case:

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