Separate blocks with hierarchy to single blocks

Hello everyone,

I´m working on project, I have a STEP file imported to Rhino, seems the whole model consist from blocks, but the blocks have hierarchy. One big block consist from many other group of blocks. So when I want to make separated blocks, that whole document consist from single blocks without hierarchy, there is no way how to do it. Because when you explode the group of blocks, some of them became single blocks, but some of them explode to objects, some of them explode to another smaller group of blocks, some of them explode to surfaces etc… because of hierarchy.

Is there any script, or tool in Rhino which can separate whole model into separated single blocks without any hierarchy ?


Hi Tom - There is ExplodeBlock - - that will remove all blocking of the selected block instance and sub blocks.

Otherwise there is ExplodeBlockToLayers, below… That also removes the blocking altogether but then makes each bit a single non-blocked part on its own layer. If that sounds helpful, please try this plug-in - it mostly works but may choke on very large files…

ExplodeBlocksToLayersV6.rhp (15.5 KB)

Unblock the rhp file in Windows , then drag and drop onto Rhino from your disk. The command it has is ExplodeBlocksToLayers


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your reply !
I tried it before, but it explode all to polysurfaces. I wanted to explode them all, but remain single blocks, not in groups. Right now i have to do it manually, select grouped blocks, explode, select sub-blocks, explode, etc…to obtain each separated block