Selection with hot key

I am looking for a more specific way of section while window selecting. Am aware of the right, clicking on the onsnap element. But it still selects surfaces. I just need to select the points in the window and nothing else.

Hi Dave - use the Filter controls -

Is that what you are getting at?


Hi Pascal,

The filter helps but Iam not getting it.

I Pic a line and turn on the control points. I pic the filter and
rt clk on points then try to pick just the points and the points
dont pick?

What do I need to do?


Hi Dave- the filter differentiates between ‘Points’ ( = point objects) & Control Points. Does that do it?



I use SelBrushPoints for this. Works great, and you don’t have to go back and reset the filters afterwards. Plus, if you are doing things without commands, like nudge keys or gumball transforms, you can reinvoke SelBrushPoints with a right-click for additional selections.


I do have one issue with SelBrushPoints, however, maybe you could put it on the bug pile. Try this: make a curve and turn on points, call Move, select a few points normally, invoke SelBrushPoints, select a few more points, hit enter and move the points. Only the normally selected points move, although those selected with the brush remain highlighted. Or try calling Move, then SelBrushPoints, select points, and when you hit enter to complete the selection it also completes the command, without asking for points to move from and to. Compare this behavior to other selection methods such as Lasso.

Hi Mark-

got that, thanks.