Selection options

Hello everybody,

I’m recently interested in rhinocommon/ python for making my life easier with rhino in my everyday workflow and even if might be a simple solving for most experienced, I am asking you for at least a small advice.

import Rhino
import scriptcontext
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

surface = rs.GetObject("Select surface", rs.filter.surface, preselect=True, select=True)
  • at the surface selection to have the possibility to use ALT or CRTL to deselect or to select any surface (similar to _OffsetSrf),
  • if no surface selected and when right click is pressed -> don’t want the script to Cancel but to print "No surface selected to continue " and want GetObject to repet as a loop,
  • if pressing ESC during GetObject -> print “Select surface: ESC

I have to mention that I have no coding background experience. My apologies for misunderstandings

Thank you everyone in advance for the time given

Best regards,

I found the solution. No more help needed.