Selecting all objects in a closed curve

I have a 2D drawing with multiple closed curves. Inside each closed curve is a few open curves and text. Is there a way to select each closed curve and the items inside it and export it as a DXF? then cycle onto the next closed curve and repeat. I need to end up with a DXF file for each closed curve and the items inside. Thanks!

this should do the whole job in one click, refByType is already set to handle curves and text objects (will ignore everything else)

just set you destination folder and file name (final file name will be automatically added a progressive number 0, 1, 2… before .dxf ) and click activate

it uses the awesome Elefront plugin: Elefront | Food4Rhino (16.4 KB)

That is awesome, thank you! Is there anyway to use the text from ‘deText’ as the filename? I connected it’s text output to the filename box but it’s only using the last text in the list. Each closed curve has a single text object inside it that I would like to be part of the filename. I am assuming it doesn’t know which text is in the current curve it’s exporting, but that is beyond me… Thanks again!

this should work, but be very careful that for each closed curve there is always one and only one text element, otherwise it’s like crossing the streams: it would be bad :slight_smile: (14.3 KB)

Thank you!!

The text is not matching up to the correct curve. Do you think that would be easy to fix? You’ve already helped so much… thanks!

use the Param Viewer to make sure your branches are lining up (the dashed wired part)

I think I did a mistake in the last definition, sorry for that
I have also noticed a misbehaviour in the saving that I’m not able to repeat or identify… it just happened a couple of times… I think it’s somehow related to the refByType with copied items, but I don’t really know

I suggest you re-link these two wires as soon as you have your Rhino file ready:

then click update on both:

at this point you can selectAll + hide in Rhino and use this slider to go through the groups (text items will be shown as planes) to check if everything is recognized correctly:

then you can fire the file export:

it worked smoothly the last 10 times I have tried it with 5 groups of curves and text… if it doesn’t work for your Rhino file, please upload a smaller sample of it so I can give it a try :slight_smile: (19.5 KB)

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Thank you!

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