Select only what is inside the closed contours

Good Morning,

In case anyone can help me:

I need to select surfaces that the Split command was used.

I need to select only what is inside the closed contours.

I do this over and over again, and it would be really helpful to have some plugin, or automation for this.

As shown in the attached image and .3dm file.

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Instead of using the Split command, try trimming your wavy outlines with this script. You would need to use the outline of the surface as curves, not surfaces. (4.1 KB)

Otherwise, you can also try this script to select stuff inside multiple boundary curves: (836 Bytes)

Again, you would need to have the boundaries as curves.

First, thanks for your attention.
Look that:
I ran the script, in the same .3dm file attached, and it selected only what is highlighted in red…

Something that can be done?

You would need the original outline curves from the 3 blue surfaces in order to use either of the scripts.

The selection script is limited by the accuracy of the SelBoundary command - and it is not all that accurate if the objects being selected have a common or near common boundary with the selection curve. In your case offsetting the outline curves a small amount like 0.05 will help the selection. The script probably should be re-written to avoid this problem, but I don’t have time now.

It’s always better to use the first script before you have split/trimmed everything, rather than trying to automatically select afterward. Trim everything outside the boundary curves away first, then use CurveBoolean on what’s left plus the boundary curves - with the AllRegions option.Output either curves or surfaces to get all the closed regions/surfaces you need.