Select objects that intersect or are within another brep

Is it possible to use a brep as a selection filter. to say select all objects that intersect this object or better yet are contained within it? Thanks


In grasshopper you can do that with the component: “ShapeIN” which returns a list with inside, outside and intersecting shapes. I have not used the component yet, so I dont really know what defines “shapes”. I don’t think there is a command in rhino itself.

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ok i am familiar with the gh command but was curious if there were any in rhino. seems like after the split it should leave the option to select the split items on one side or the other. would be very convenient in complex models. thx!

Not currently. You do have SelBox, SelVolumeSphere and SelVolumePipe.

I have this script from my library, you might try that. Selection volume needs to be a closed Brep (surface or polysurface). May not be fast in dense files.

–Mitch (6.2 KB)

thanks h… but this file wont download says page is private…?

Yes, there seems to be some major problem with discourse downloads and uploads currently, sorry… I will try to send it to you by PM temporarily and see if that works. @stevebaer Do you know what’s going on here?


Edit: PM doesn’t work either… Looks like the system is pretty broken… :confounded:

Was hoping to take at look at the script here and I also have the 404 download not available error.

Hello- try SelVolumeObject


That’s an awesome command i did not know about! But not what I was after. I was hoping to find a quick way to groups objects that intersect one another or better yet the ones that insect a selected green curve in the photo.

Hello - use SelBrush for this, I think, with the Curve option and a small brush size - does that do what you need?
Also try SelVolumePipe.

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hell Yeah! SelBrush with the curve option… That Works! then i just group it. Now for the finale, can I access this via Rhino.Python.

Hm - that seems unlikely - I’ll have a look but I think you may end up needing to run the top level command from Python (e.g rs.Command('SelBrush Curve' ) etc.)


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Shape in (19.9 KB)