Select mesh by vertices number


i downloaded a furniture model (mesh) and everything is joined so cannot select cushions by one by neither the sofa itself.

i have exploded them but this time every mesh surface became individual meshes.

my luck is that all the cushions have three vertices and sofa meshes has 4 vertices, is there a select command that has “by vertices number”


Hi Blastered - there is not, but you might try Weld (experiment with the angle setting) , then Explode or ExtractMeshPart.


Hi Blastered,

I have a script laying here tp do just that.
1: select a mesh with the amount of verts to select.
2: select all meshes to sift through

wd_SelectMeshesByVertices.rvb (1.1 KB)

If you drag drop this file over Rhino you get the alias wd_SelectMeshesByVertices or whatever you name the file first.
Note that the Alias refers to the scriptfile so the file needs to stay in place.