Select duplicate objects not work in Rhino 7 BETA

Select duplicate objects not work in Rhino 7 BETA But it works in another program.

Test-Select exact duplicate objects.3dm (459.2 KB)

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As far as I can tell, SelDup works as it was intended in Rhino 7.

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I attached the file, have you tried it?

They are not exact duplicates according to Rhino’s SelDup - the UV directions are different.

For example, in the file attached, if you run Dir on the two surfaces, you will see that the U and V directions are reversed on one. If inside the Dir command you do a UReverse and a VReverse on one, they will then select with SelDup.

UV-Reversed.3dm (56.7 KB)

For better or worse, Rhino’s SelDup command only works on EXACT duplicates. I agree there is room for improvement for cases like these, but that’s how it currently is.

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Hi - as Mitch says (and is documented in the help file), this is the intended behavior of that tool.
I take it that you wish for a somewhat different functionality and added this thread and your example file to the open feature request RH-3999.

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